Failing as a mother

My toddler son doesn’t eat at home. No, that’s not right. I never see him eat anymore. At home, friend’s place, restaurant – it could be anywhere. He just doesn’t eat. 

Let me give you an example. Last Saturday we went to “Gilroy Gardens” – a family theme park. Before we left for the day I made oatmeal breakfast with bananas. He ate one spoon and said “NO”. He didn’t wanna look at it anymore. Ok, may be he is not an oatmeal person or a banana person. So I gave him a waffle. He took it in his hand and threw it. OK, so not a waffle person also. May be he is just not hungry. Meanwhile my daughter had her cup of oatmeal and we all got into the car and left for the theme park. It was a 1 hr drive. During the drive my daughter ate 2 or 3 crackers while my son used them to pitch. In the theme park, he ran, went on carousels, baby rides, boat rides and had lot of fun. When it’s lunch time, we got to the picnic area and opened our lunches. I packed pasta,rice for lunch and french toast as a snack. My daughter had a slice of french toast and finished her pasta. My son threw his french toast and pasta. He might make a good pitcher in the future.

Now I am not saying he never eats. He eats at day care. The lady says he is a really good eater. I cook and send food to day care, he eats it. He eats if the day care lady cooks it. He eats anything at day care. What am I doing differently? Is it the lack of other day care kids at home? When I pick him up on Friday evening, he is a healthy happy baby. When I drop him off on Monday morning he is a healthy happy baby – even though nothing went down his mouth since Friday evening. 

I never had an issue with my daughter. She was happy and we were happy as parents. What am I doing wrong with my son? Why doesn’t he eat outside of daycare? Is it me? I feel like I am failing as a mom.